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and abandonment may be filed in virginia. authorities in tennessee trouble with the legal ramifications of the case. >> is hard to say which direction we are going to go. we will meet with d a's office tomorrow morning. we will try to figure out which is the best charge. >> investigators say this woman sent the boy on a plane alone back to russia with a note saying he had psychological problems. >>> late tonight myland's senate voted to approve a bill that increases sex offenders' sentences. also, a sex offender registry is headed for a vote. but texting bills are unresolved. >>> maryland senators killed an effort to bring card games to rosecroft race track. >>> a symbolic milestone of the country's economic recovery. the dow jones industrial average closed over 11,000 for the first time in the year. >>> the numbers are dropping if you are talking about temperatures. do not expect to the's warm weather to occur tomorrow. doug hill has the first look at what is the come tomorrow morning. >>> things are starting to turn a little bit cooler. let's check out the temperatures. down to 52 deg
tribute for the miners killed in the deadly explosion in west virginia. the message president obama delivered to the family members and friends of those who lost their lives. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> we are on stormwatch tonight. heavy thunderstorms rolled rupiah a live picture from rockville. you can still see heavy rain -- heavy thunderstorms rolled through. a live picture from rockville. >> we are in the belfort furniture weather center, and all of the watches or warnings have expired. montgomery county, looking at some heavier showers out to the west korea across fairfax and loudoun counties. -- out to the west. across fairfax and loudoun counties. behind this, we are looking for things to settle down. that is the good news. we are not totally out yet. there could be yet another round of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. for the overnight, showers. blows in the 50's. patchy fog in the early-morning hours -- those in the 50's. -- the lows in the 50's. >>> some dangerous driving conditions tonight, and some people were sent running for
, virginia attorney general jim cuccinelli is getting ready to do battle again, this time filing a notice of appeal to the epa over new fuel efficiency rules for cars built between 2004 and 2016. he is already suing the epa over the epa sent greenhouse gases are legal. >>> jennifer hutson is the new face of weak watchers. she says she has always been happy with her curves, but she said she needed to take control of her body and eating habits. she says the wait is coming off. she is not saying how much weight she has lost just yet. >> she looks good. >>> some laughter tonight, all for a good cause, maurn bunyan took part in the dancing with the czars. maureen has participated in the skit at least a dozen years. they're upgrading housing for the poor, elderly, and disabled. >>> dancing on to the stars tonight? >> the cherry blossoms and the stars, temperatures tumbling quickly, but don't worry, tomorrow it will be great again. outside, the nation's capital, a lot of visitors. great weather, this is a nice treat, a welcome change from what we had this past winter. the weatherbug network, thr
-benz financial. ♪ >>> breaking developments coming in from west virginia as rescuers continue to search for survivors in a coal mine explosion. the eagle has landed. donovan mcnabb is in washington tonight. what he is doing on the eve of his formal introduction. the government is telling toyota to pay up for knowingly hiding a dangerous defect. >> of live, and then h. d., this is abc7 breaking news. >> breaking news coming in from west virginia were dozens of rescuers are searching at this hour to find missing miners after an explosion. we are monitoring the new developments. jay, what have you learned? >> we are 30 miles west of charleston west virginia. teams are working to find and free more than one dozen trapped monday afternoon, an explosion rocked the energy company in raleigh county west virginia. safety officials at the scene say that the underground explosion killed seven workers and injured others and has left 19 miners and accounted for. at 9 rescue teams have converged on the site to help find survivors. >> we have rescue teams that are underground and advancing as quickly
and was surrounded by a memorial. >>> tomorrow, federal investigators will arrive in west virginia to try to figure out what triggered a mine explosion that killed 29 miners. the investigation will focus on the direction of toxic gas and coal dust away from minors. a buildup is suspected of causing the blast -- and coal dust away from miners. >> if you ventilate, you do not have explosions. >> they received previous citations. the companies said they strive to be incompetent -- compliance with regulations at all time -- the company said that. >>> firefighters were called to a high school this afternoon with smoke coming from the roof. it was under one restoration, and so the students have been taking classes in trailers. there is no word on what caused the fire or how much damage was done. >>> speculation continues over who president barack obama will name for a retiring supreme court justice seat. they are looking to avoid a potential filibuster. >> i am not going to take off the table, but i think it can be easily avoided. >> there was a short list of possible nominees, including the solicitor ge
will let you know if anything develops at our airport as well. >>> virginia's governor responded to the controversy surrounding confederate history. bob mcdonnell is apologizing for not including slavery in the official proclamation declaring april as confederate history month. the proclamation has been changed, but now political opponents are attacking bob mcdonnell for recognizing confederate history at all. cynne simpson has that story. >> if you look throughout alexandria, va., you will notice several monuments similar to this that stand in memory of the thousands who fought for the confederacy, and there are many who feel it is critical this history lives on. more than 20,000 virginia soldiers died fighting for the south during the war, a sacrifice many say should be taught to all americans. >> you have to know all of your history, the good and bad. >> we need an accurate portrayal of what the united states was involved in. we need to make sure that happens correctly. >> when governor bob mcdonnell proclaimed april confederate history month, it reopened it deep wounds. >> i
declaration for rhode island sending federal aid and coordinating assistance. >>> virginia highway crews have made sufficient progress after filling potholes from the blizzards. they have killed more than 120,000 pot holes statewide. commonwealth plans to continue its campaign through april 15. >>> the weather that caused the pot calls it is long gone. the temperatures are down this evening, but they are likely to go up. kyle is born has a look at the forecast. -- kyle osbourn has a look at the forecast. >> it is comfortable, 51 at centreville, after the high of 71. there is no wind to speak of. there is n wind chill, no heat index. 56 germantown, high of 69. the temperatures not quite as warm to the north and west. calvert high-school, 59 degrees. overnight, clear skies, smiled, and calm. the wind has died down. tomorrow looks fantastic, a great way to start the new month. the jury blossoms on the graphics, they ok nice, -- the cherry blossoms on the graphics, they look nice, but the real thing it is even nicer. >>> coming up, a liberal watchdog group and obese children. the combination has
for the trapped miners in west virginia and is in tragedy. new demands for answers about why it happened. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> hello, i'm jennifer donelan. mourners had gathered at the polish embassy. poland's presidenthis wife, and other government leaders died in an airplane crash and reword that the pilot was warned not toand because of dense fog. john gonzalez is live at the embassy with the developments. about the pish prime minister is calling this the worst peacetime disaster in the country's history. ironically, jennifer, a history being remembered this weekend. it was already a somber trip to begin with. poland's president lech kosinski, his wife, and dozens of officials were headed to russia to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the slaughter of " thousands of polish military officers by the secret police in world war ii. am i saw the airplane flying low. >> others recall the pilot attempting to land several times in heavy fog before crashing into the forest. >> they were very good friends of mine. >> this local polish architect
was a salted -- assaulted on campus. >>> former virginia governor is criticizing another former virginia governor, tim kaine. he wants him to resign as the national committee chair. the loss of ted kennedy's senate seat has things changing. any d.c. chair must be a fighter. so far, tim kaine has not responded. >>> [inaudible] this time toyota is calling -- recalling their sienna minivan. they were sold in 20 states, including maryland, virginia and the district. toyota says cables could break and create a road hazard. for more informations, log onto our web onto our this latest recall comes as a house committee says it will hold another hearing on toyota's other problems. it will be next month on the sudden acceleration problems. toyota says it found no evidence of any electronic problems and they attribute the problem -- >>> frustration is growing in iceland and our area after volcanic ash is forcing airlines to ground airplanes. is not getting any easier for stranded passengers. it is a different -- dangerous situation for people living there. the volcano is awake. the multip
news. >>> rescue crews are within 2,000 feet of the west virginia rescue chamber. governor joe manchin is predicting the end of the sock at tonight. tonight's rescue mission is the fourth attempt to find the four miners who are missing that killed 25 in the explosion on monday in the worst coal mining disaster since 1984. >>> fire ripped through an apartment building in hillcrest heights around 9:00 in the 3100 block of good hope road. flames were on the fourth floor of the seven-story building. the fire has been put out. no injuries have been reported. the cause has not yet been released. >>> washington wizards guard gilbert arenas has begun serving his sentence on gun charges. he arrived at the montgomery county jail this evening and will spend the next two days there before he is releed to a halfway house. he received a 30-day sentence for bringing guns into the wizards' locker room. >>> the district is bracing for a traffic nightmare before the nuclear summit. it will cause numerous road closures in and around the convention center beginning sunday night. it is an already busy week
college in a note. the body of the virginia tech student was found in january, three months after she disappeared from a metallica concert at the university of virginia. >>> it is definitely cooling down after another mild and sunny day. >> at solely gorgeous today. doug hill is here with a first look overnight. >> definitely some changes under way. the clouds are rolling in and tumbling to follow. right now, comfortable. here are the numbers for you. a little warmer closer to town. let's go to the stormscan. high pressure that give us sunshine is moving out. the clouds are moving in. the rain is moving across roanoke. that is moving to the northeast and should be in part of the viewing area by sunrise. that is reflected in our wake up forecast. 46-52 for the range of temperatures. just as quickly as the rain comes in , it leaves. we will give the the 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> we will get there eventually. >>> limited relief for thousands of stranded airline travelers all around the world. >> heathrow airport opened -- welcomed the first flight in days after that ash cloud c
verse her rescuer was quoting. >>> the governor of west virginia ordered an inspection of all of the state's underground mines after an explosion killed 29 miners. there is new criticism of the company that owns the mine and the man that calls the shots. >> we are asking to review all safety procedures. >> he has ordered the underground mines to be expected immediately, starting with those most at risk. it calls for production to be shut down at this friday at all mines. miners will review safety procedures. >> we will say that they have not in died in vain. they have not. >> federal investigators still cannot go underground. levels of combustible methane gas remain dangerously high. has defended his company's safety record. last year, his mind was hit with more safety violations than any other mine in the nation. critics say that for him, safety takes a backseat to profits. >> he is a capitalist straight out of dickens. >> also under scrutiny is his lavish lifestyle, including private jets. he made $11 million last year and $17 million last year. it is a bitter pill to swallo
. partly cloudy skies across the area right now. the panhandle of west virginia beginning to clear out. ocean city reporting 62 degrees. today pittsburgh and cleveland, they have record high temperatures. we will look for a really nice day, and mix of sun and clouds. partly cloudy and cool for the overnight, temperatures in the 50's. tomorrow morning, temperatures reach down from the 50's into the 60's. here is a look at to the extended outlook. it is really nice for the start of the work week. near 80 degrees at the nationals game. but showers on thursday. cooler temperatures as we end the upcoming week. it is above average for this time of year. >> looking good. >> the final four played tonight. we will tell you who is in and who is out. we [ howard ] natalie is the last one to leave home. but not a moment too soon, right? howard and linda were saving for natalie's college since she was born. she's going to need a lot of stuff. those everyday things we didn't plan on. so we showed them how wachovia's way2save program could help. ♪ every time they swipe their check card to make a p
virginia, hoping her flight to norway would still be flying. it is not, and her new flight is eight days away. >> they do not know if they at any hotels and the other night. >> all he wants to do is check out of his d.c. hotel and get to paris in time to beat his wife in time for their wedding anniversary and his 85th birthday next week -- time to meet his wife. >> i want to go. >> millions of flights have been grounded. >> you cannot get through. you cannot get through germany. there is just no way out. >> an airliner taxiing after a test flight to amsterdam. several test flights throughout the day, and none reported problems due to the volcanic ash. and there is no word on what will happen for the flights on monday. the decision will not be made until monday, based on the air quality in europe. it will be 7 to 10 days or more before all of the stranded passengers worldwide are able to get to the destinations they are trying to get to. this is costing the airlines an estimated $200 million per day. kris van cleave, abc7 news. >>> travel restrictions kept president obama and several othe
not admitted any personal or institutional responsibility. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell has declared today distracted drivers awareness day, urging drivers to change their driving habits. reports show more than 150,000 crashes in virginia happened in 2009, almost a quarter contributed to some type of driver distraction. friday, oprah winfrey is organizing and national no phon e zone day. for a list of activities planned for the day, bob onto, keyword "rally." after oprah, much more on the local museum rally and abc 7 news at 5:00. >>> while most americans are paying less than $3 per gallon for unleaded at the pump, people in a small town in alaska sell their gas prices skyrocket overnight. 1 gallon is now $9 and twenty cents. they were forced to raise their price because the winter drained the supply and the only option was to fly and more fuel. -- to fly in more fuel. >>> that is crazy, not good. we have a little cold this in the air, some frost in the areas. a big-time warm-up arou ts on te weatherbug. first, gaithersburg 48, high of 55. the average high is 70, well below
. >>> a feud between the reality couple -- nights because of "dancing with the stars." >> the virginia governor makes a controversial decision regarding the confederate history. >> new details from the site of the explosion. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >>> rescue workers race against time to save for miners trapped beneath a thousand miles -- beneath 100 miles of earth. there was a massive explosion in an underground coal mine. >> rescue crews are drilling. their goal is to ventilate the underground air and tested, making sure it is safe to search for the four miners that are still missing. >> they will get them out. some were gotten out yesterday. why are they still there? >> outside the
. >>> virginia's liquor law is going to be changing. that could what the pilot of a lot of -- that could wet the palate of a lot of consumers. it could allow consumers to sample the items on the shelf. critics of the liquor law said the commonwealth has lagged behind other states. tasting laws already exist in 40 other states. >>> the winds have died down but are not gone for good. a look at the weather with meteorologist steve rudin. >> the key word for now -- the winds have diminished. gusts earlier today of boards of 40 miles per hour. as when has gone down our temperature is falling. 48 degrees leesburg. fairfax reporting at 49. satellite and radar show cloudy skies to the north of the sea across central pennsylvania. these clouds will roll into the area for the overnight. temperatures fall in the upper thirties. coming up, our extended outlook. even the tomorrow will be cool, a warmup on the way. >> thank you very much. coming up, the caps force the game into overtime. do they come up with the goal they needed? police raid a student newspaper at a virginia university. a massive sinkhole
this afternoon. they've been turned over to the medical examiner. >>> the entire commonwealth of virginia will honor the memory of the victims killed on the three-year anniversary of the virginia tech massacre. it was three years ago tomorrow that a student murdered 32 people on campus before taking his own life. bob mcdonnell has ordered all state flags to fly at half mast. a number of events will take place on campus tomorrow, beginning with the lighting of the ceremonial candle. >>> prince george's county police have suspended more officers in the beating of the university of maryland student. the latest officers came forward on their own with their attorneys. that brings the total of officers suspended up to four. we will keep you posted. >>> overtime heartbreak for the washington capitals. they lose home ice advantage against the canadiens. we have news of the big disappointment. >> let's keep this in perspective. this was the first game of the series. the montreal canadiens surprised caps' fans tonight. 2-2 tie. we went into overtime. this is how it ended. the caps fall in game 1. w
contribute to haiti. it will help the red cross and the central virginia food bank. >>> in preparing for this chilly, chilly day -- >> we will warm back up, it happens a lot in early april. let's look at the temperatures at the moment, three stops on the weather network. a 20 degree drop-off of the high this afternoon of 66 degrees. let's go to the other end of the viewing area through fredericksburg where it is 47, the high 67 degrees. it is 57 today after a high of 53 -- 63. it is very close to average for this day in april. the next couple of days, just going to be a continuation -- a frost advisory with shenandoah and because the county where it will be in the low to mid 30's. it will be 38-45 degrees. 53 degrees in billy, cold air slightly -- bowie. the weather pattern does not show major extremes. quickly off to the west, partly sunny for morning. on wednesday, some rain may come our way. it will start, but a nice finish temperature wise. that will move out of the high and off to the east. it will probably be sometime on wednesday morning for rain, bits of rain throughout the d
13 minutes, right here. >>> new developments from west virginia. more air testing is needed before rescue teams can re-enter a coal mine to search for any of those who may have survived. the noxious gas dropped in the coal mine where 25 people died in the explosion, workers are continuing to try to get fresh air into the mind. -- into the of mine. rescue crews were forced to turn back today because of an explosive mix of gas. meanwhile, president obama has ordered a report on this. >>> we're learning more about the diplomat from qatar and the terror-related scandals. it led to concerns on a flight from reagan to denver, and now we know why it caused su a stir in the first place. >> this was a diplomat who actually lived in d.c., and catarrh officials say this was an embarrassing incident brought on by a young diplomat. today, others question whether he should have been released from custody given who he was going to meet in denver. the young embassy official insists he was only trying to sne a smoke in the bathroom. today, there are questions following revelations that mohammed al-
virginia, this hour. 60's at reagan national. the same for richmond. miami looking at 72 degrees. it is hard to believe we had a cold front that moved through during the early-morning hours. a change of the wind direction. temperatures are actually warmer compared to what we had yesterday. from eyewall isla -- from iowa, tornado watches and a severe thunderstorm watch. no rain in our forecast at least until thursday. that is when a strong cold front will move through our area. satellite radar across the region, mostly clear skies out to the west of us. partly cloudy at the delmarva peninsula. this is what we expect tomorrow. another midol day. lots of sunshine. cooler air well to the north of us -- another mild day. sunshine for tomorrow. the baseball game, perfect, 75 to 80 degrees. here is the extended outlook. some humidity? yes, we are talking about humidity in april. upper 80's to around 90 on wednesday. here is the cold front. cooler, drier air towards the start of the upcoming weekend. lucky days. >>> hopefully, it is lucky for the nationals. >>> coming up on abc7 news at
is working to make virginia a national energy leader. the commonwealth is the second larger importer of electricity in the u.s. coming up on abc 7 news, pope benedict directs his ire at the uses again. you want to hear what you said, especially if you are jewish. >> he walks in and says this is my best day ever. >> heart broken parents after their son is killed at disney world. news tonight, what the newly released 9-1-1 thames reveal. breaking news from daniels dance. tonight the contestant is getting death threats. >> the holiday weekend movie guid your pet makes lots of friends. but there's e little friend you don't want him to meet. the flea. just one in your home can turn into thousands-fast, infesting carpets, furniture, even your bed. to stop an infestation, ask for frontline plus. it quickly kills fleas, their eggs, and larvae-even ticks. it's waterproof. and one dose lasts all month long. fleas are nobody's friends. ask for the vet's #1 choice for dogs and >> breaking news from alexandria where a 12-hour long barricade situation has come to an end. this has been going on sin
terrence austin played for ucla. offensive tackle selish capers from west virginia. here's bruce allen. >> it's still a work in progress. we have a lot of work to do hopefully tonight we have a feel of the undrafted agents and then we look forward to the off season program and the upcoming mini camp to once again get our players better. >> the nationals continue to battle with the dodgers today. the start in the bottom of the eighth inning with niger morgan signaling to left. kennedy comes into score. we're tied. this game would be closed out for l.a. russell martin swinging and that would be a game-winning r.b.i. and the dodgers win. >> a big part of that will be finding a way to get similar mon on track. similar mon has been invisible. and the coach says they need production from him and they need it now. >> let's move on. let's talk about tim who was busy at our alma mater. he was at the university of maryland. almost 80,000 people take part in this every single year. >> good >> the pens finished out a very tough series with the iowa senators. it was 4-3. >> how was it? >> i was coo
, the total of seven countys in virginia activated their secure communities program. among them fairfax and arlington and lauden and prince william and 145 cities and counties participate nationwide and live from the room, abc7. >> and thanks a lot, and new at 11:00, an exclusive never before seen video of the underwear bomber. this was broadcast in abc world news. and it showed it man training with al qaeda in yemen and it also shows him reading from the koran and saying in his words, god said those who punish you must be punished. >> an intelligence official says he believes it is him in the video. it is not cheer where the video was made. >> president obama has ordered flags to be flown at half staff on thursday in honor of civil rights activist dr. hite, that's the same day as her funeral. 700 tickets will be made available to the punl and anyone wishing to attend should arrive by 7:00 a.m. to form a looping along wisconsin avenue south of the entrance toward massachusetts avenue. dr. cosby and maya anglo are expected to be there to participate in the service. >> and new at 11:00, t
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24